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Blue Ridge Mountains

Sherry Ryan’s third album, Sister of Mine, marks the latest accomplishment by this talented Newfoundland singer/songwriter. Ryan hired the multi-talented and uber-versatile Phil Sedore to produce the album and play an impressive array of instruments, including the wurlitzer piano, gospel organ, clarinet, and cello, among others. Says Ryan of her latest record, “I love how Phil Sedore made the record sound like the songs that were on AM radio when I was a kid in the seventies.” The album also presents her debut piano recordings.

The album explores themes of escape and draws on images from time she spent in the South. It was while working at a nursing home in the Mississippi delta that Ryan found the inspiration for her title track. The main lyric, “Call that sister of mine”, came from the mouth of a feisty 92-year old woman, wishing her sister would drive down Route 61 and rescue her.

The songs on Sister of Mine offer a rich fusion of genres and styles, from the catchy, toe-tapping country tune “Blue Ridge Mountains”, to the bluesy true story about a horse her dad tied to their back step in “Back Step Blues”.

It’s not hard to understand why Ryan has devoted fans. With her unforgettable voice, and lyrics that warm the hearts of her listeners, Ryan’s talent is indisputable.

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